Task-Force Amazon: building communication infrastructures with indigenous groups


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This talk is dedicated to present our current approach to indigenous groups, which are mobilized in resisting to the invasion of their territories in the Amazon. Strategically, we decided to begin this project with indigenous groups of west Amazon, Acre, Brazil: the Ashaninka and the Huni Kui people. Our aim is to collaborate to building a communication belt to monitor and communicate between these two territories, which are located on the border of Brazil and Peru. We propose to create an app that would make every device in the network a node in a mesh of data by using cryptographic keys to sign every message. As part of tech development, a combination of solar and water energy will also be studied, implemented and documented to further publication: in many of our target communities there's no electricity Available. Combining different technological solutions, we understand that voice, photo and video can have a better circulation inside indigenous territories using mesh networks, radio stations and, eventually, be uploaded to the Internet to make it internationally visible. We're a group of anthropologists and tech developers with extensive experience in fieldwork and would like to invite more researchers and activists to join us in this front.