Models for affordable and universal networks: public infrastructure and community networks

Julien Delmouly, Adrien Nader and Panos

Playlists: 'bmv12' videos starting here

This panel will focus on a central question: how to build and maintain networks that are open and accessible to everybody, in terms of geographical reach, cost and diversity of ISPs?

Two axes will be discussed: public network infrastructure and community networks, with a particular focus on France. The following questions will be addressed:

- how does the French model of public FTTH networks (« Plan France Très Haut Débit ») work? In theory, in practice?

- how important is it to adapt to each local territory, to work with local actors?

- are there other models that allow to build country-wide networks that are open and accessible?

- can public networks and local community network be complementary? Can they work together?